Friday, June 27, 2014

July Astrology Article Intended for Instinctive People
July Astrology Article Intended for Instinctive People
We start the month for July having Mercury finishing the retrograde and shifting forward. Communication and interactions will progress. Together with Mercury, the messenger, having moved retrograde from Cancer and then forward in Gemini the solution is aiming our feelings and thoughts to become congruent. Dealing with for the emotional body is essential at this moment and achieving an mental knowledge of different causes which happen to your emotionally charged body enables that you get over unwanted problems and wounds.
There are numerous vital incidents occurring in the month of July; Jupiter steps into Leo, heralding additional occasions of festivity, Saturn moves forward and Uranus shifts retrograde indicating which what we assume is risk-free and protected is probably not in any way. The 3 significant changes occur inside of days of one another. Once we have a month loaded with changes which only happen every year, life situations could be extra obvious. This can be depending on your individual chart in the event the change will be in your world, however undoubtedly you'll be see life morphing situation in the life of somebody inside your group. Mars, having spent several months retrograde in Libra finally shifts into Scorpio, a sign it has co ruler with.

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