Monday, June 30, 2014

How Removing Illusions Leads to True Happiness
How Removing Illusions Leads to True Happiness
I've often thought that most of the advice on how to be happy was misguided. Not that it was all bad, but most people don't understand what the root of true happiness is.

My observations come from my life long experience with studying Metaphysics, Meditation, and various religions. My view is that we live in a world of illusions and we delude ourselves into thinking that by satisfying our Ego we will be happy.

We suffer numerous illusions about our associations, school, government, our nation, and politics. Although my country the U.S. is a great country, we often suffer the illusion that we have more freedom than we do.
Many less developed countries have much more freedom in their daily lives than we do, when you rely all our regulations.

We also suffer many illusions which keeps us believing that we can become happy through worldly goods, power, or intercourse.

Our Ego is an illusion too. It's not our true self. Our eternal spirit is our true self. The eternal self or spirit exists outside of time and space.

Imagine that your spirit is light a light in a fish bowl of drinking water.

Your thoughts and feelings are like silt swirling in that drinking water. When you learn stillness and peace-usually through some form of meditation, then the silt falls to the bottom and your true spirit shines out.

When we learn stillness, and calm our thoughts and feelings, we also start to pierce the illusion of temporary "happiness". Instead we start to become happy by residing in the spirit-which is where true happiness resides.

The book “Removing Illusions to find True Happiness” goes into the illusions we suffer and how to remove them in much more depth.

Here’s hoping you all learn to live in the spirit and find true happiness.

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