Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning
Rapid Content Wizard Lightning
Are you looking for information about Rapid Content Wizard Lightning?Read more below in my honest Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review by Sean Donahoe before buying it. Is it worth your time and money!?
But who is Sean Donahoe?Sean Donahoe began his journey with creating reports and advertising them on Warrior Forums; he's known as the Maniac Marketer around the well-liked forum. This gave him a platform to know how the on-line market functions and methods to create money.Quickly he explored much more horizons and began working out of WF and with handful of ups and downs; he lastly hit the jackpot and constructed numerous products and insightful understanding components for the webmasters.Here are some products from Sean Donahoe : Syndication Rockstar,Instant Commission Magnet,PingFresh,Promote Me Pro.
So Rapid Content Wizard Lightning is the new version of the Rapid Content Wizard software that Sean launched last year. So Rapid Content Wizard Lightning is a powerful pc application that will generate unlimited content for your websites. literally you can make articles that are 90-100% unique by using a method called Content Fusion.
Rapid Content Wizard Lightning is an inter-active, multimedia software, that provides an easy to use interface to provide unique content from sources such as article directories, yahoo answers, amazon and youtube. And the combinations of text, video and images related to any niche you chose are only limited by your imagination.
Created by Sean Donahoe and Alan Brown, Rapid Content Wizard claims to take content creation to a whole new level with something called Content FUSION. Not to be mistaken with content curation, this process gathers tons and tons of content from multiple sources and "fuses" it together to create highly original content. This will provide you with an endless source of content for any niche you choose, and can even be setup to provide content on a regular basis while you are doing something else.
Compared to the other content options available on the market, this could be used in the wrong way, so just make sure you understand what you are using the content for and follow the training and advice of the creators. The initial download of the product failed the first time, but I think it may have been a glitch in my own system, because once I rebooted and tried to download again, I had no problems whatsoever.
Of course, everyone's situation is different, so saying it will work 100% for you based on my requirements may not be fair. But I can say based on this rapid content wizard review, the software itself was extremely effective for my own personal experience.Discover more into my article.

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