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oxfamgb: The latest from our work in Syria Some photographic...

The latest from our work in Syria
Some photographic...


The latest from our work in Syria

Some photographic highlights of our recent work in Syria - here you can see one of 48 new wash blocks we’ve built in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. We’ve now reached almost 70,000 Syrian people with water and sanitation, cash and food support, and we will reach 650,000 in total over the next year, so this is just the beginning. And we can’t do it without your help!

In the photos:

1. Six-year-old Ahmed holds the keys of one of the 48 new wash blocks completed by us in Zaatari Camp, Jordan. The community are now in charge of the wash block, symbolised by the hand over of a set of keys.

2. Jamila, in her fifties, is unable to walk ever since she got a slipped disk and knee complications. Toilets and washing rooms are far away from her caravan, but a new wash block just completed by us a couple of metres away will make her life easier. “It’s been very hard for me getting to the toilets and showers as they were located very far away,” she says. “My relatives had to carry me long distances, but thankfully once the washing facilities are handed over to us I will be able to get there in a matter of seconds.”

3. We’re installing 334 permanent toilets, 288 showers, 72 laundry areas and 72 ablution areas - all housed within 48 hygiene blocks.

The blocks include wash basins for laundry, showers, toilets, hand washing sinks and special toilets for disabled people.

4. Jamila’s relatives are among thousands of Syrian refugees whose caravans are near new wash blocks we’ve completed.

5. Some of our Oxfam staff members put the finishing touches to 95,000 litre water tanks that will make a huge difference to life in the refugee camp.

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